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CBN Grinding Wheel -

Diamond/CBN Grinding Wheel for Corrugated Industry

Generally, the materials of blades in the corrugated industry have Tungsten Carbide (TC), High Speed Steel (HSS), Cr12MoV (D2), Chrome Steel, Alloy Steel, etc. And the superhard materials Grinding Wheel with Diamond/CBN Abrasive can satisfy all requirements for grinding the blades which will be used in corrugated industry. The Diamond Grinding Wheel suitable for grind Tungsten Carbide (TC) and CBN Grinding Wheel suitable for grind High Speed Steel (HSS) and other Alloy Steel. Besides, the high glabrous-dregree of the tungsten carbide with high requirements to the grinding of blades, so it suits for grits between 180#-W40; while the cutter in HSS suits in 150# - 230#.

And For the machine type in the corrugated industry, we have designed several sets Grinding Wheel specifically for each machine. The Details of the specifically Grinding Wheels as below:

Our advantage:

1. The main factor influencing the grinding wheel is abrasive. And we can ensure that all our Abrasive of Grinding Wheel (Diamond & CBN) adopt first-level raw material and all our Bond of Grinding Wheel adopt senior Resin Bond.

2. We can provide anodize service. The main function of anodize is to protect the aluminum substrate. And it also can make the Grinding Wheel more beautiful. As the picture, the Grinding Wheel will have many different colors. They look like a handicraft.

3. We also can provide Marking service. We can make labeling on the Grinding Wheel according to the requirement. Such as customer’s logo, size of Grinding Wheel and so on.

4. Bearing & circlip. Many grinding Wheel in the Corrugated Industry need the Bearing and circlip. We can provide all kinds of Bearing and circlip. Just like the picture.

Grinding wheels made of Diamond or CBN, are widely used in Corrugated Board Industry, Tissue-Paper Industry, LED Industry and PCD Industry and so on. In Corrugated Board Industry, grinding wheels especially used for grinding the blades & knives with various model of machine, such as FOSBER, BHS, MARQUI, TCY, JIAYOU, PETERS, MITSUBISHI, JINGSHAN, FULI, SIMON, AGANATI, LATITUDE.

Diamond Grinding Wheels for Sharpening the Slitter Blades

1. Adopted of super hard abrasive- materials of synthetic Diamond & CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride ), which can satisfy all the Thin-Cutter Blades grinding requirements in the materials of HSS ( High Speed Steel) & Solid Carbide ( YGB ) & also other metal materials;

2. Regular Size of Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels in Carton Board industry.

3. RESINOID BOND which is the most suitable binder to the grinding of thin-cutter, it will keep the excellent grinding- capability of the grinding wheels at any time which is vital to the grinding wheels;

4. Different kinds of granularities suit to the different grinding wheels; certain materials and situations: Coarse- grinding in 80#-120#; half-coarse in 120#-180#; fine- grinding in 180#- W40; polishing in W40- W0.5. The high glabrous- degree of the tungsten carbide with high requirements to the grinding of blades, so it suits for grits between 180#-W40; while the cutter in HSS suits in 150# - 230#;

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Whatapp: 0086-13402979928

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