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sapphire wafer back grinding wheels for thinning and fine grinding9 -

Sapphire Wafer Back Grinding Wheels are mainly used for the thinning and fine grinding of the silicon wafer. The Grinding-wheels for LED Substrate, Silicon Wafer, Sapphire Wafer are mainly used for Back Thinning of Sapphire Epitaxial Wafer, Silicon Wafer, Gallium Arsenide and GaN Wafer.

Enable the cost saving process by the efficient work. Appropriate Grinding-wheel for surface grinding which provides the high efficient and accurate work. The excellent sharpness and accurate working of the porosity Vitrified Bond together with special segment configuration maximize its performance.

The Workpiece Processed: Sapphire Epitaxial Wafer, Silicon Wafer, Gallium Arsenide and GaN Wafer.

Material of Workpiece: Synthetic Sapphire, Single Crystal Silicon, Gallium Arsenide and GaN materials.

Application: Back Thinning, Grinding and Fine Grinding.

Specifications Of Grinding-wheels:

The Features of Back-side-Grinding-wheels:
1)Various directions of producing chemicals or metallurgical products. Provide with high efficiency of grinding and durable lifetime.
2) Stable manufactures technics. Provide with fine roughness of wafer surface.
3) Back Grinding wheel is the precision processing tool used in the process to grind unnecessary wafer back side and make the wafer back side with excellent backside roughness and uniform thickness, high technology is required to minimize wafer defect whose material is expensive and easy to be broken.

Recently processed tool with excellent quality is required by the trend of wafer becomes bigger and thinner.

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