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Home Products
Blades and Knives
Blades and Knives

   In Recent years, under the basis of absorbed International advanced technology, we successfully developed the Razor Blades & Knives for Corrugated Slitter and Scorer machine. It is an advanced technology achievement mainly serve for Corrugated field.


Sapphire Wafer Back Grinding Wheels for Thinning and Fine Grinding (15)
Sapphire Wafer Back Grinding Wheels for Thinning and Fine Grinding

Sapphire Wafer Back Grinding Wheels are mainly used for the thinning and fine grinding of the silicon wafer. The Grinding-wheels for LED Substrate, Silicon Wafer, Sapphire Wafer are mainly used for Back Thinning of Sapphire Epitaxial Wafer, Silicon Wafer, Gallium Arsenide and GaN Wafer.


Grinding Wheels
Grinding Wheels

   We manufacture Diamond/CBN Grinding-wheels and abrasive-materials; Adopt of field of Glass and ceramic grinding; Metallic Grinding-wheels and Resinoid Grinding-wheels used in Glass-processing field; Polishing wheel; Diamond tools used to process magnetic and hard-alloy materials; in addition to irregular Diamond/CBN Grinding-wheels suit to different grinding.


Diamond Bruting Grinding Wheels (9)
Diamond Bruting Grinding Wheels

Diamond bruting wheel has been proved its superiority in the jeweler and diamond processing industry, since it has enjoyed wide popularity in India, USA, Belgium, Israel, Australia market. We aim to be the best diamond bruting wheels supplier for diamond processing industry in China and will do every effort to meet all our customers' demand in such requirements!


Cutting & Abrasive Discs
Cutting & Abrasive Discs

Cutting & Abrasive Discs in Diamond and CBN are Specified used in the Field of Steel Tube, Deburring and Grinding of the Weld-Grinding etc. It suits for the High Speed Grinding and Polishing on the Surfaces. Especially suits for the Large Processing Amounts Conditions. It is also Widely adopted in the Industry of Decorations etc.


Diamond/CBN Honing-sticks(stone) (2)
Diamond/CBN Honing-sticks(stone)

    After years of exploration and research, we have developed "Yinglong" honing sticks series. They adopt advanced formula, unique producing techniques, which make them more stable, more effective and more durable to abrasion. Approved by a lot of famous enterprises of China, the quality and technical parameters have reached the standard of the similar imported products. The experts and leaders of National Association of gas engine also have set high value on the product series.


Abrasive Paste (1)
Abrasive Paste

   Diamond/CBN Abrasive-paste is produced fine and confect by the diamond/CBN micrones and other raw-materials, it is a relevant ideal Abrasive-paste for grinding and polishing with well lubrication and cooling capability, the hardness of diamond granule is high with equal granularity, and excellent grinding effects.



Tissue Paper Converting Industry
Tissue Paper Converting Industry

        "Herohome"  could  Produce Blades and Grinding Wheels especially used inTissue Paper Converting Machinery, such as Perini, PCMC, Ital converting, Futura, Bretting, Echo  and  etc . Besides  the  complete  dimension  and  type ,  YingLong  Superhard Materials Manufactory could also produce the Products under Customers' Requirement.


Crankshaft & Camshaft grinding wheel (2)
Crankshaft & Camshaft grinding wheel

CBN Grinding Wheel for Crankshaft & Camshaft

The Crankshaft and Camshaft are key components in piston engines of cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats , model aircraft, lawnmower engines, and it plays an important role to withstand shock loads and power transmission.

Camshaft is used to control the opening and closing of the valve. Although the speed of the Camshaft is only half of the Crankshaft in four-stroke engine, its rotate speed steel is still high and it need to support the large torque.


T.C Seal (7)
T.C Seal

Introduction of Tungsten Carbide Seal Ring.

Tungsten Carbide Seal has the features of excellent wear and corrosion resistance, and high pressure resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in the mechanical seals of different fields, such as petroleum, chemical industries and so on. T.C. Seal plays an important role in Seal Materials.


Lower Shear (7)
Lower Shear

Shearing Blade is widely used in light industry, aviation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, instrumentation, electrical appliances, stainless steel products, steel construction and decoration industries. And it's always made with the T10, 9CrSI, 6CrW2Si, Cr12MoV, H13 and other high quality alloy tool steel, so it is sharp and wear-resistant.



Diamond and CBN Grinding Stones (8)
Diamond and CBN Grinding Stones

Grinding wheels made of Diamond or CBN, are widely used in Corrugated Board Industry, Tissue-Paper Industry, LED Industry and PCD Industry and so on. In Corrugated Board Industry,

grinding wheels especially used for grinding the blades & knives with various model of machine, such as FOSBER, BHS, MARQUI, TCY, JIAYOU, PETERS, MITSUBISHI, JINGSHAN, FULI, SIMON, AGANATI, LATITUDE


PCD/PCBN Inserts grinding Wheel (8)
PCD/PCBN Inserts grinding Wheel

PCBN (polycrystalline CBN) is a synthetic tool material made in a way similar to PCD. The difference is that instead of diamond grains, CBN (cubic boron nitride) grains are used. PCBN is mainly applied to the machining of the following materials: tool steels, high-speed steels and high alloy steels.


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