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1 Back Thinning Grinding Wheels Lunedì 06 Novembre 2017 YINGLONG 89
2 XII. Attending Sino-Corrugated 2013 among April 8th to 11st in Shanghai, China Venerdì 01 Agosto 2014 newteam 2608
3 XI. Attending Sino-Corrugated 2005 among March 30th to April 1st in Shanghai, China Giovedì 10 Marzo 2005 YingLong 16651
4 X. We had won wide-range praise for our Diamond/CBN Millstones successed in substitute Mercoledì 05 Novembre 2003 YingLong 16013
5 IX. Successed in developed CBN Grinding-wheels for Crankshaft-grinding. Lunedì 09 Settembre 2002 YingLong 15641
6 VIII. Abrasive-paste in the materials of Diamond or CBN(Cubic Boron Nitride) could satisfy polishing Lunedì 05 Febbraio 2001 YingLong 15974
7 VII. Diamond/CBN Honing-Stones substitute traditional Honing-tools. Domenica 14 Gennaio 2001 YingLong 15284
8 VI. Diamond/CBN(Cubic Boron Nitride) Millstones for grinding of Moulding-Grinder. Domenica 30 Luglio 2000 YingLong 15756
9 V. Developed Grinding-wheel for strong-grinding of ceramic piston by ourselves. Martedì 09 Novembre 1999 YingLong 15352
10 IV. Tubbish Grinding-wheel suit to outer-grinding and inner-grinding for Hard-brittle materials Martedì 02 Marzo 1999 YingLong 16730
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